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by Dynamic Digital Advertising

Dynamic Digital Advertising is a digital video production company, as well as a full service digital advertising agency. DDA's capabilities in video production include digital video recording, video editing, digital audio recording, video compression, video duplication and the creation of streaming media for the Internet. Dynamic Digital Advertising also offers commercial photography services to supplement your video.

Dynamic Digital Advertising can digitally record and duplicate standard VHS tapes, compress media to stream on the web, and burn CD-ROMs, making high quality digital video affordable for below market budgets. Creation of MPEGs and AVI web formats are available, as well as cutting edge format technologies like High Definition Television, or HDTV.

Video is often recorded on analog film, digitized, edited, manipulated, and then recorded back to analog film. This results in a loss of quality, making a first generation analog tape into a second generation video. DDA's totally digital video is recorded and manipulated 100% digitally at broadcast quality, so it always remains first generation.

DDA uses digital editing to suit the client's needs. Special effects can be included, such as text animation, sound effects, and excerpts from Dynamic Digital Advertising's library of musical clips. All of this is used to create exactly the right tone and mood. Computer generated graphics are used when needed, such as for product demonstrations. Three-dimensional rendering, 3D modeling and computer generated images and animations are used in videos to demonstrate capabilities and show processes that might not be possible to record. Some examples of this include a virtual fly-through in a building or a demonstration of the inner workings of a product.

Dynamic Digital Advertising renders 3D graphics at many levels of quality to suit a particular client's needs. Multiple previews and editing time ensures that the video and graphics are progressing exactly as the client wishes. The progress of your company’s video can be viewed and critiqued on the spot. Once the client is satisfied, the video is then output into the format and media required for video, web, CD or DVD.

Dynamic Digital Advertising also offers scripting and copywriting services to ensure that the story is being told in the words the client feels are suitable. A storyboard is provided when necessary to smooth out details of choreography and timing. Taping can be performed on-location or in Dynamic Digital Advertising's in-house studio, which includes professional lighting and audio capabilities. DDA can also provide acting talent when requested. Make-up artists are also available to bring out the best in on-site talent.

Digital videos can be produced for launching a new product, advertising an existing product, training employees, or for introducing new employees to the company. Corporate videos, offering an overview of a company, can be played at trade shows to attract attention to one's booth. Corporate training videos can be used to go over standard rules and regulations, or to introduce new rules that are to be applied to every employee. As the film can be played for a single person or a group, it saves time on training in the workplace.

Video is a powerful interaction of motion and sound to present a concept, a product, or a company. The wide variety of digital video services DDA offers including recording, editing, audio recording, compression, duplication and streaming media creation for Internet and CD-ROM use. Whether your company needs a short employee training film or a virtual reality demonstration for a trade show, with Dynamic Digital Advertising producing your digital video you will get high quality professional results and top-notch artistic vision.

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